About the project

The main goal of the project developed at the Maj Institute of Pharmacology( IP PAS) in Krakow is to establish a technologically advanced Center for Development of New Pharmacotherapies of Central Nervous System Disorders, named CEPHARES. New research infrastructure will be located in the expanded and modernized facilities of IP PAS, i.e., a new part of the main building at 12 Smętna Street and in the historic complex at 52 Ojcowska Street in Krakow. CEPHARES laboratories will be equipped with highly advanced research instruments worth PLN 45 million.

The establishment of CEPHARES at IP PAS is a response to the research challenges of present neuropsychopharmacology and to unsatisfied therapeutic needs in the treatment of CNS diseases. Modern research infrastructure has been designed to implement commercial R&D projects and to meet the requirements for partner institutions of the pharmaceutical industry.

CNS studies conducted with the support of infrastructural resources of CEPHARES will tremendously increase the chance for translation of study results to the pharmaceutical industry in order to develop new therapies of mental disorders.

The project has been implemented by the Maj Institute of Pharmacology over the period starting on 15 April 2021, that will end on 31 December 2023 as the result of co-financing under the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of Task 4.2 of Intelligent Development Operational Program for 2014-2020 (POIR.04.02.00-00-D007/20-00).

Total project budget
96 658 942,68
Eligible expenses
90 332 381,26
The amount of funding
75 225 963,00



Center for Development of New Pharmacotherapies of Central Nervous System Disorders

The main aim of the CEPHARES project is to establish a unique academic center on a European scale, consolidating the potential of psychopharmacology, neurobiology and medical chemistry, equipped with ultramodern research instrumentation. It will provide for the implementation of a comprehensive research program from the design of the molecule to the fully validated substance possessing the potential to become a drug and meeting requirements for granting of permission to conduct clinical trials in CNS diseases.

The principal objectives of CEPHARES include: setting new directions in pharmacological research, performing interdisciplinary R&D projects, and development of new research methods and technologies. The CEPHARES strategy envisages a synergy between basic sciences and industrial research, which paves the way for implementation of research results by cooperating businesses in the pharmaceutical sector and for placement of the innovative CNS drug on the market.



Signing the agreement for project implementation POIR.04.02.00-00-D007/20-00
Preparation of the tendering procedure for construction works at 12 Smętna Street on a design and build basis
Preparation and submission of documents necessary to obtain building permission for construction and maintenance works at 52 Ojcowska Street
Starting the tender procedures for delivery of research instruments at 12 Smętna Street
Construction works –12 Smętna Street
Tendering procedure for delivery of research equipment – 12 Smętna Street
Interior construction and finishing
Tendering procedure for delivery of research equipment – 12 Smętna Street
Tendering procedure for delivery of laboratory furniture, fume hoods
Delivery and installation of laboratory furniture and research equipment
Launch of CEPHARES


CEPHARES is a separate research space, meeting the technical requirement for carrying out every stage of new drug development in conformity with the ergonomics of the Drug Discovery and Development process and to provide advanced research services for the Life Science sector.

By expansion of a part of the existing building situated at 12 Smętna Street, new laboratories will be established:  CF1 – Bioinformatics, CF2 – Drug chemistry, CF3 – Bioanalysis, CF4 – Mechanisms of drug action and CF5 – In vivo behavioral models. These will be equipped with unique, high-efficiency research tools, whereby the main processes of successive new drug development stages will be automated, boosting the highest-level strategic scientific research to tackle complex problems of CNS pathology.

The renovated and modernized historic buildings at 52 Ojcowska Street will house the Science Information Center (module CF6), responsible for gathering, digitalization, archiving and publicizing of the results of research conducted at CEPHARES. Module CF6 will comprise:

  • The Conference and Training Venue, fulfilling tasks related to organization of training courses and conferences.
  • The Entrepreneurship Platform, responsible for making available laboratory infrastructure to spin-off companies and external research groups.
  • The Reference Center of Leica, a renowned manufacturer of advanced equipment for confocal microscopy and other imagining techniques, which will be established with the support of KAWA.SKA company.

CEPHARES Project Team

  • Head of the Department of Brain Biochemistry at IP PAS

    Responsible for project management at the stage of application for financial support and execution of the investment. Coordinates all actions, is responsible for contacts with strategic partners, general vision of the project in the investment phase and functioning of CEPHARES at the maintenance stage, and for launching modules CF4 and CF5.


  • Head of Technical Service of IP PAS

    Responsible for investment preparation as to technical measures, construction, and architectural and building design, and also for coordination and management of the investment process. He is responsible for coordination of all works related to the preparation of the functional and utility program for the investment at 12 Smętna Street and to the construction project for the investment at 52 Ojcowska Street.

  • Technology Broker at the Department of Technology Transfer and Specialist at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at IP PAS

    Responsible for coordination of purchase of equipment, launching module CF2 and CF6, contacts with the R&D sector and promotion of the project.

  • Head of the Department of Technology Transfer at IP PAS

    Responsible for contacts with the R&D sector and acquisition of strategic partners for the CEPHARES project at the stage of investment and at the maintenance stage, co-responsible for launching module CF1.

  • Specialist at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at IP PAS

    Responsible for the preparation of the research agenda and substantive conformity of the application with the research agenda during project implementation. Is also involved in the acquisition of scientific partners for future research at CEPHARES and co-responsible for launching modules CF3 and CF6.

  • Head of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at IP PAS

    Scientific consultation on the operation of CEPHARES modules with a view to promoting the development of new CNS drug candidates. Counseling aimed to enhance opportunities and vision of CEPHARES development based on current needs and interests of the science and R&D sector. Co-responsible for launching modules CF1 and CF3.

  • Chief Accountant at IP PAS

    Accounting-and financial consultation and supervision of project implementation.

  • Head of the Administration Office at IP PAS

    Administrative handling of the project, preparation of regulations, statements, reports, agreements and annexes to apply for additional financial support, information and promotional materials, correspondence.

  • Employee at the Department of Molecular Neuropharmacology

    Operation of SL system, contacts with the Implementing Institution – National Centre for Research and Development.