Laboratory of High-throughput Screening

Laboratory of Proteomics and Mass Spectroscopy

Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism

The high throughput screening (HTS) laboratory will be equipped with instruments providing for automation and increased throughput of cell experiments and biochemical analyses, including:

  • cutting-edge nanoliter and microliter fluid transfer system based on acoustic dosing, and robotic arm integrating fluid handling instruments with detector devices,
  • high-efficiency detectors based on different measuring techniques, such as time-resolved fluorescence, polarized fluorescence and two-color luminescence.

In addition, the system for studies of metabolic pathways will be used to identify cellular changes in neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases and to monitor the ability of prototype drugs to reverse the pathological effects.

In order to broaden the scope of research and services, a proteomics and mass spectroscopy laboratory will be equipped with a high-resolution mass spectrometer with an ion mobility analyzer combined with capillary liquid chromatography enabling detailed characterization of posttranslational modifications, which can be helpful in in vivo and in vitro models, especially in the analysis of peptides occurring in the CNS.