Medicinal Chemistry

Synthesis optimization and scaling-up laboratory

Chemical analytics laboratory

CF2 module laboratories will be equipped with high-tech synthesis workstations and high-capacity and-sensitivity analytical systems, which will allow meeting the technological process integrity and quality standards required in the pharmaceutical sector.

Specialized equipment will be used both in basic and industrial research within the Drug Discovery process in the following actions:

  • synthesis of small-molecule compounds (combinatorial libraries), including optically active substances;
  • design of high-yield synthesis process;
  • investigation of reaction kinetics and mechanisms;
  • multiparameter process optimization (temperature from 70 ÷ 180 °C and high pressure to 130 bar) in terms of elimination of the use and formation of harmful substances and contaminants;
  • isolation and identification of organic compounds, metabolites and contaminants;
  • modifications of the active substance form (synthesis of salts, solvats, new polymorphic forms) in the context of improvement of pharmacokinetic properties of the future drug.